Pest Control

  • Identify potential risks
  • Stay compliant
  • Extremely competitive rates
Pest Control

Need a pest control company and want to save up to 30%?

We’ve teamed up with Terminix UK, one of the leading providers of pest control services in the UK to help you avoid infestations and stay compliant with environmental regulations.

Using Meercat’s national buying power, we’re able to provide you access to this service at a fraction of the cost of going direct.

Also, when you call Meercat, we’ll guide you through the whole process of getting the most appropriate pest control management system in place and how your potential risks and treatments will be identified. It’s all part of our service to you.

Control your pests and your money

Terminix UK work in a variety of sectors and Meercat customers get their comprehensive range of pest control services, including rodent control, bird control, insect control and wildlife management.

Everything is covered from technical inspections and routine preventative visits to pest-proofing, clearance works, the removal of pest contaminated waste and heat treatment services.

Terminix UK’s web-based Pest Alert reporting system also enables both your local and regional managers to view their sites, giving you an immediate overview of any issues.

Due to the group buying power, Meercat Associates are able to provide Terminix UK high quality services at much reduced rates for our customers. So, stay ahead of legislation and keep on top of pest problems without breaking the bank and with minimal impact on the environment too.

Setting up our pest control service

Site Visit
Qualified technicians will carry out a free site visit and inspection of your current prevention measures. We will also collect any invoices you have from current suppliers to compare them.

Market Appraisal
Our tender process and due diligence ensures that you are getting the best rate for the services required.

Cost Saving Report
Based on the inspection carried out, we submit an inspection report, showing any areas of concern or any pests detected. A maintenance contract is also created based on your specific business needs to ensure you remain compliant with all legislation.

New Contracts
Once you confirm with us that you wish to proceed, we will set up the contract with Terminix UK on your behalf and confirm it in writing to you.

Contract Tracking and Renewal
When your contract is approaching its renewal date, we will send you a renewal quote to ensure continued coverage. Should your business needs change, we will arrange another free site visit to appraise the latest requirements and set up a new contract for you.