Grand Day Out Summer Challenge

Save £1000 In A Day With Our ‘Grand Day Out’ Summer Challenge!

Challenge us to save you £1000 in a single day, while you put your feet up or take a trip to the coast.
You never know, we may save you more!

No catch or gimmicks – you are in full control.

  • Email us your bills for gas, electricity, water, merchant services, telecoms & IT and pest control.
  • We’ll compare them to look for £1000 worth of savings, then report back in a day with our findings. With your permission, we will include your existing as well as new suppliers.
  • You decide if you want to switch to make the savings. There’s absolutely NO obligation!
  • We guide you every step of the way for the changes you want to make.
  • We get results
  • We’ve been doing this for over 14 years
  • Our National Buying Group and economies of scale help you save the money

Meercat National Buying Group

We have a National Buying Group so buy in volume. This means we’re able to drive down the price and pass on BIG savings to you. We make a small commission from each supplier and profit by scaling with thousands of challenges over time. It really is that simple!

Since 2007, we’ve made £millions worth of savings for our customers:

  • Average savings per individual contract is £996.79
  • Average savings identified per company is £3,236

To take part, just:

  1. Email copies of your bills to
  2. Set the timer then pack a beach ball and picnic!

To discuss this further, please call us on 01444 416529 or email

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