Telecoms & IT

  • Work from anywhere
  • Build resilience for difficult times
  • Reduce your costs
Business Telecoms & IT

Reduce your business telecoms & IT costs by up to 50%

For most businesses, mobiles, telephones and IT systems are a vital part of our daily lives, but the cost of using and maintaining them can be prohibitively expensive.

Many think they have to accept these high costs as an inevitable consequence of doing business in the 21st century, but the truth is very different.

Using Meercat’s national buying power, we’re able to provide access to our telecoms partner, Focus Group, at a fraction of the cost of going direct:

  • Bill analysis to reduce your call costs
  • Mobile phone cost reductions
  • Telephone system upgrades to build resilience
  • Complete new IT system installs

Plus, as the procurement partner for many of your services, we have a vested interest in providing you with on-going guidance and support for whatever you need.

Building business resilience

Should you need a complete overhaul, just starting out or looking for the best price out there. Our team use your information to offer a bespoke solution or pricing package for you. We offer dedicated account management, 24/7 fault reporting and easy to understand monthly bills with free reporting and online call information.

Using information about your current usage and packages our team review all the major suppliers to get you the best tariffs and contracts for your individual business needs. To support this, we can offer a full range of handsets from basic to the latest high spec. smartphones and tablet devices. Should you require SIM only tariffs and contracts we can also cater for this.

Broadband and IT
Connectivity is arguably the most crucial business tool for any company in the 21st Century. We provide a range of solutions that can enhance your productivity and allow a more flexible working environment. You can also protect your productivity by having a backup service giving you peace of mind and continuity in the event of a data outage.

Whether it is an upgrade, new installation or just a like for like quote we can match your needs with our offering. Qualified staff can discuss your business requirement either over the phone or in an on-site visit, carry out a marketplace appraisal and produce a bespoke quote.

How we help you

Whatever telecoms solution you choose, we guarantee to offer a seamless transition, with no interruption of service. Our process is listed below:

Data Collection
We take copies of your current bills and requirements, should you require a new installation we collate the information from our qualified team alongside your specific business requirements.

Market Appraisal
Using the information gathered we review the marketplace and identify the right packages and tariffs for your business needs.

Cost Saving Report
We prepare a comprehensive report which benchmarks your prices against the best tariffs and packages we have found and identifies the potential savings to be made.

Cancellation and New Contract Placement
Once you confirm that you wish to proceed with the contract we have identified for you, all that is needed is an E-sign form to be completed and returned, which then allows us to set up your new contract for you, with zero interruption of service.

Contract Tracking and Renewals
Your dedicated account management team are on hand should you need to change, expand or upgrade your current contract.

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