Business Energy

  • Your own dedicated Energy Manager
  • Reverse auction for lowest price
  • Easy, friendly service

Business Energy

Our business energy specialists are saving up to 40% on bills.

Saving money on business energy is an incredibly difficult task, requires a high level of expertise and takes a great deal of time. It can be frustrating and exhausting, especially when you have sales, staffing and other daily matters to deal with.

Meercat get results because we have a:

  • Dedicated Energy Manager.
  • Reverse Auction platform to drive down the price.
  • Risk management, analysis and reporting.
  • Easy, friendly service.

Our pioneering market intelligence allows us to benchmark contracts and tariffs to confidently negotiate with your existing supplier or to switch you.
There’s little for you to do and at each stage and you are in full control.

All your questions answered

Get your lowest price today!

1. Email us your completed Letter of Authority (download).

2. We will add your usage to our Reverse Auction platform so over forty suppliers can bid on it to fully drive the price down, in the hope of winning your business. It’s very effective!

3. Whether you stay or switch suppliers is up to you, but you do so based on a solid understanding.

Our Reverse Auction is a completely FREE and TRANSPARENT service with NO strings attached.

Business energy services

We save you a great deal of time and frustration by carrying out all of the following tasks:

  • Full transparent contract pricing with suppliers competing against each other in a reverse auction to attract the best gas and electricity prices from suppliers.
  • Validation of all gas, electrical and water bills to check for anomalies. This can be credited back as far as 6 years.
  • Forecasting the cost of any future energy contract regardless of how far off the renewal date is.
  • Monthly energy market reports with detailed commentary.
  • Risk management and reports within your energy contracts.
  • Management of all aspect of your energy contract, including the transfer.
  • Data capture (held securely in one place) for all your meters HH data , sites and up to date costs.
  • Fixed and Flexible tendering for a locked in secure contract or track the market.
  • OJEU Compliant
  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) or non-ESOS audits
  • Full energy audits.
  • Change Of Tenancies (COT) in an efficient and timely manner.

Procurement process

Data Collection
Our consultant either visit your business, or conduct a telephone consultation to obtain copies of your current bills and a Letter of Authority which allows us to act on your behalf and obtain quotes for your business.

Market Appraisal
We use your data and usage, to advise on the most appropriate procurement strategy and review the wholesale market to obtain a bespoke quote for you from over 40 energy suppliers. We also provide a cost saving report against renewal costs, or current costs.

Cost Saving Report
Benchmarked against your current supply we show the prices and savings available to you across 1, 2 and 3 year terms as well as our recommendation for the cheapest contract available to you.

Cancellation and New Contract Placement
Once you have identified your preferred contract length and completed your contract submission paperwork, we send your termination notice to your current supplier and place your contract with your chosen supplier.

Contract Tracking and Renewal
When your current contract is reaching its end point we notify you of this and obtain a new Letter of Authority for you and we repeat the process for you.