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7 Key Tasks For A Leaner, Smarter Business

With the shift back to office working, here’s how you become a more efficient, leaner and smarter business.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve helped over 10,000 customers identify £32 million worth of savings by comparing their overhead bills against trusted, reputable brands. Here’s a checklist of important tasks you need to be tackling right now:

1. Smart money

The average saving we find is £3,236 per business. Customers are then able to allocate this money to better uses, such as for marketing and winning new business. You’ll also be surprised just how quick and easy it is to make this cost reduction. Overall, you’ll make efficiencies and get your money working smarter for you.

2. Low cost, low carbon

We use a state of the art ‘Reverse Auction’ platform with over 30 suppliers bidding DOWN the price for your low carbon electricity and gas supplies. Not only will we give you the lowest price available, you can also benefit from positioning your brand as a responsible, forward-thinking company.

3. Safe people

Does your team need training with COVID-19 Awareness, COSHH, HACCP or Fire Marshall? All our training courses are online, low cost and can be completed whenever it suits you.

4. Happy people

Over the past 18 months, you’re likely to have colleagues in need of a little extra help as far as their mental health is concerned. From a business point of view, a happy team makes for a more productive team with less time off. Join us for our free Being Human Café every Thursday lunchtime for an online chat about the joys and woes of being human.

5. Clean and compliant

You’ll be doing a deep clean now and inspecting the premises for unwanted guests. Please don’t skip this as it could negatively affect your reputation or even stop you trading. We have an excellent pest control service to rid you of pests and keep you compliant.

6. Work from anywhere

Everyone did what they could to work from home, office or shed(!), but now’s the time to review your telecom & IT set up properly and build better resilience and agility. We can check your monthly bills for call costs, Office365 as well as guide you for potential hardware needs.

7. Taking payments

People want to pay whichever way is most convenient to them, so having the correct, most cost-effective merchant services and hardware is extremely important. We can guide you through the complexities and options so you’re not paying over the odds.

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