Your sustainable procurement partner…

saving time, money & the planet!

We can help you save money, cut waste & start your journey to net zero…

and we’re good at it, so good, we’ve won awards!

Following the ZERO business model, you can become leaner, greener and create a great place to work.

You’ll be doing your bit against climate change, build competitive advantage and also become better prepared for further net zero legislation – it’s coming.

We know how frustrating and exhausting it can be for businesses to keep costs down, especially when you need to also focus on sales, staff and everything else.

The ZERO business model frees up funds that can be better utilised and takes away the tedium of dealing with daily overheads that drain you. You will receive:

  • Expertise in low carbon market analysis and comparison.
  • National Buying Group buying for deep discounts.
  • On-going support, monitoring and intelligent procurement.

Since 2007, Meercat has built strong relationships with leading supply partners to save £millions for tens of thousands of businesses!

  • Average savings per individual contract is £996.79
  • Average savings identified per company is £3,236