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EU Commissioners Meet to Agree 2030 Energy Savings Targets

The BBC Science & Environment website have reported on the following…

EU commissioners met last week to try and agree on an energy savings target by 2030.

However, prior to the meeting, there was much disagreement about its severity as many countries were reportedly concerned over the security of their Russian gas supplies and as a result want a firm, water tight agreement.  Germany for example have been demanding much higher efficiency targets – the country is a leader in energy savings and investments.

However, the EU are apparently reluctant to agree to such ‘ambitious’ plans for fear of damaging the overall energy and climate goals.

This reluctance has been branded as ‘bonkers’ by campaigners, and as Friends of the Earth spokesperson said,  “They are actually talking about burning more coal if emissions fall faster than expected due to energy savings and renewables, purely to protect the carbon price. It's bonkers!"”

In previous years, cutting carbon emissions has been more of a priority, however, given the recent unrest in the Ukraine and Crimea the energy and climate policies has seen it take a more priority stance.

To read the full report follow this link… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-28420527