So, here's a question for you... 

…are you a Barnacle or Butterfly When It Comes to Switching Energy Suppliers?

Let us explain...

  • A barnacle will stick with their energy supplier, even though they could be paying well over the odds for their gas, electricity or both!
  • Barnacles are too busy, to lazy (no offence) or too dazed and confused by the scientific jargon energy suppliers cleverly use to confuse us mere mortals!
  • A barnacle is someone who knows they need to switch but just haven’t got round to it.
  • Is someone who isn’t afraid to shop around.
  • A butterfly wants to search out the very best deal on their gas and electricity, making sure the tariff they are on is right for their needs and their usage, even if they are confused by it all.  
  • A butterfly doesn’t pay more than they need to.

However, the savvy butterfly…

So, whether you’re a barnacle or a butterfly, a switcher or a sticker, let us, Meercat Associates, help you reduce your gas and electricity bills.

With our immense buying power, as part of the National BID Buying Group, and our 100% impartiality, we have access to the whole of market. We are not restricted to certain suppliers.

We have the power and resource to look at every provider in the UK, large or small, to provide the very best rates and tariffs for UK Business Improvement Districts.

It’s simple – give us a call. After an initial meeting with our BID Savings Team we’ll have everything we need to make investigations on your behalf and we’ll come back with our findings. Findings that will save you money, with little effort or time on your part!

So come on, spread your wings and fly like a butterfly…


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