Well, you're not alone! 

Consumer group, Which?, has carried out research into the overall satisfaction of gas and electricity energy customers.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘big 6’ come last in a survey of 17 energy providers!

Think it’s terrible? So do we!

Interestingly, what the Which? survey shows are that the customers of small energy providers are much happier.

We believe that outstanding customer service should be paramount for any business – we pride ourselves on ours – but especially energy companies.  Companies like British Gas, EDF, E.On, npower, Scottish Power and SSE - who are increasing their rates on what seems like a monthly basis.

Did You Know, the Actual Gas & Electricity is the Same, Regardless of Provider?

This brings ‘fuel’ to the fire that first and foremost the gas and electricity being provided is the same wherever it’s coming from – we’re not talking cheaper cars Vs luxury models or branded cereals over supermarket own brands when a difference is different. But there isn’t a difference in the gas and electricity that’s being provided.

So, why should it matter if your energy is coming from a smaller, lesser known provider?

How Do You Start to Compare the Market for the Right Energy Provider?

Comparing the market for the best energy tariff can be extremely time consuming and complicated to say the very least.

So where do you start?

Well that’s the easy part – you get us in.  We at Meercat Associates have extensive buying power when it comes to utilities, as part of the National BID Buying Group, and as part of our exclusive work with Business Improvement Districts.

We research the entire energy market – as we are not restricted to limited, contractual suppliers - assessing every tariff available, marrying up your usage, needs and specifics.

What’s important is that the energy you are receiving is at the very best price for you, with no stress to you.

In a ‘sheep’ like mentality, no sooner does one company up prices, the others follow suit, not wanting to miss out on a ‘quick buck’.  Now, charging over the odds is one thing, but at the same time providing inadequate, poor customer service is quite another, which probably means you won’t get clear answers on why your bills are higher than they should be.

By getting us involved our expertise will jump through the hurdles, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best, and we’ll be doing what we do best – getting you a great deal on your gas and electricity!

So don’t delay, get in touch today!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“If you'd like to make savings on your running costs then I'd certainly recommend getting Meercat Associates, your BID Savings Team, in. We did and so made savings that we wouldn't have been able to secure as we don't have the knowledge or time. Meercat have both. It takes little efforton your part and you'll benefit from big savings."

Andy Hook, Blackfrairs Restaurant, Newcastle

"We'd recommend Meercat Associates, who enabled us to save considerable amounts on our electricity bills. It takes little time, they are experienced in their field and the team are efficient and helpful."

Robert Taylor, Organiser, Camden Federation of Private Tenants (CFPT)


“The BID savings team at Meercat have helped me save money on bills, 2 years running, it was very easy and all the staff have been very helpful. I would recommend them to other businesses, to give expert friendly advice.”

Helen Lloyd, Helen Lloyd Beauty Salon, Newcastle

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