Is your Business Improvement District struggling with rising costs?

  • Are You Struggling To Maintain A Cleaner, Environment for The Community?
  • Want to Know How You Can Achieve Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits?  
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As the New Year settles in, and resolutions of giving up chocolate, drinking less and working out more fizzle out, here’s one New Year’s resolution you will be able to keep! 

FACT: Thanks to the unique BID procurement offering by Meercat Associates it’s easy to achieve MASSIVE savings, for little effort, whilst having a positive effect on the environment!

Meercat Associates understands that a Business Improvement District has a need to improve businesses, communities and the surrounding environment.  That’s why they want to help your BID in 2014.

However, with rising energy costs, increased fuel bills and steep insurance premiums to name a few, it’s little wonder businesses across the UK are struggling to keep costs down.   Charges for everyday necessities are going up, so the detrimental impact on the environment is often neglected.

Does your Business Improvement District need to save money on the rising costs for…

  • Utilities  
  • Waste & recycle
  • Private hire
  • Telecoms
  • Pest Control
  • Print
  • Testing
  • Couriers
  • Handyman

What Business Improvement District can afford not to at least discuss how savings can be made on all the areas that make up running a business and improving the environment of their community?

Working exclusively with Business Improvement Districts, Meercat Associates know the unique way in which a BID works and how it’s funded. This means huge savings can be achieved across an entire business community.  

  • Meercat are 100% independent and impartial.
  • Meercat are procurement specialists and cost savings experts.
  • Looking at the whole of the market, not restricted to contracted suppliers, the very best rates are secured.
  • There’s little effort involved for each BID business to achieve savings with Meercat.
  • Important environmental solutions to the BID community are realised.

So, stand up above the crowd, have your ‘meercat moment’ and discover just how easy it is to work with Meercat Associates and get monumental savings across your BID.

And don’t just take our word for it…

“Saving money for any business is essential. Andthat's what Meercat Associates enabled us to do. By carefully assessing ourneeds, usage and options, and through their unique understandingof the way in which a Business Improvement District works, Meercatdetermined the best tariff for the Utopian Leisure business which brought withit substantial savings that we were not in a position to achieve ourselves.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Bob Senior, Chief Executive, Utopia Leisure Group

“With little time and effort on my part, Meercat Associatesassessed my previous electricity tariff, made some changes and enabledme to makesavings of over £1,600. I took confidence from their expert BIDinvolvement and friendly, non-pushy style of the Meercat team.  Itwould be crazy
not to let Meercat make savings for you too!”

 Sarah Kingston, The Eclipse Inn, Winchester.


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