Save up to 30% with our seamless, reliable service designed to meet the needs of all BID members.


Whatever is required, we can create a telecoms and digital solution to make your business more effective, achieve faster results and pay less than you currently are.

We can supply everything from one landline to a telecoms and digital network for multiple premises. We then maintain and upgrade it as necessary.

 Our services in a little more detail:

Telecoms IT services Digital

Cheaper calls guaranteed

IT support - monthly or ad-hoc

Flexible and dynamic

Calls billed to a tenth of a penny

Remote support – no travel charges, faster response, environmentally friendly

High speed & high capacity – 10-100Mb

24/7 fault reporting

Hosted email – enabling small businesses to use Microsoft exchange

Rapidly scalable – from one location to site to site circuits

VoiP solutions

IT equipment and installation

Totally reliable (99.99%)

One to one service

Anti-virus solutions

One to one service and 24/7 support

Call performance management

Server supply and installation

Cloud ready internet

Audio conferencing

Offsite data back up

Connection voucher scheme


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